Leveling Trailers and Fifth Wheels

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In Episode 48 I dig into stabilizing pads for Trailers and Fifth Wheels and the difference between Plastic and Wood Pads for placing underneath the stabilizer legs. I don't get into Motorhome leveling systems or the type pads they would use. I believe in using plastic leveling pads instead of wood. Plastic is clean and splinter free. Plastic is easier to clean and usually is lighter in weight and sometimes just easier to maintain and handle. It might seem that plastic will be more expensive and it could be but, wood is not very cheap these days and you will probably be cutting and carrying more than you actually need. I think you should Buy Plastic pads and be done with it!

When leveling a trailer you always want to use pads or blocks that are wider than the tires, otherwise the tire could be damaged. Trailer tires are fragile in some ways and an excess of tire hanging over the edge of a pad or block is not what the tire was designed to do.

The brands I recommend are Hopkins, Valterra, Super Dolly and Camco. Each brand does it a little bit different. You might to do a little shopping at your local RV Store and decide which pads or system will work best for you.

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