Go Power Solar Panels & Inverters Part 2

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Go Power Solar Products

Episode 53 (part 2) is all About Go Power Solar and as an added bonus Mark Spillsbury from Go Power Solar is my guest. Go Power Solar has been in the RV Solar Panel game for about 23 years making Go Power one of the first Solar companies to become a main stream solar supplier for the RV Industry. Go Power Solar is certainly the industry leader making them the King of the Solar Category!

Mark has been with Go Power for about 21 years and is one of their resident experts and he knows their products inside and out. Not only does he understand Go Power products he has an unbelievable knowledge of solar in general. Mark also likes to RV and that certainly gives him and Go Power much deeper insight into the needs of the RV'er be it full time or a weekend warrior. As most of you know I push the products I believe in and I have been sold on Go Power for about 21 years.

Rather than trying to pack everything into one episode I am splitting this into 2 episodes and of course you can go to Go Powers website to do your own research beyond what we discussed. The following are the main points discussed in Episode 53 (part 2). These 2 episodes (52 & 53) take the confusion out of Solar and how you can benefit by using it.

  • What do I do if I have a technical problem?
  • How do I trouble shoot a problem?
  • How do I calculate how many panels I need?
  • What kind of batteries would work for solar?
    • Is lithium better than AGM/Lead Acid? If so, why/why not?
  • What kind of maintenance is needed for my solar system and batteries
  • Where can I buy Go Power! products? @ Arizona RV Parts Center
  • Is there somewhere I can learn more about solar on my own?

Click Here for Go Power Solar's Website  or Call Them @ 1-866-247-6527 - They are a very friendly company that can help answer your questions.
To Purchase Go Power Solar with Free Shipping Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center!

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