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Untangling the Confusion about RV Sewer Hoses

In Episode 46 I try to untangle some of the confusion when replacing your RV Sewer Hose. The reason why the title of the podcast uses the word Untangle is due to the confusion that can happen when you go into an RV Parts Store. As you gaze in amazement down aisle with 2-5 different brands of sewer hoses. It can look a little overwhelming trying to determine what does what and how do you get there from here. While trying not to throw your money away.

What Matters:

At the end of the day, most RV Sewer Hoses connect the same way on all RV’s (Trailers etc…) and the same is true for most campgrounds. On most RV’s the fittings twist on at the sewer valve. In the majority of campground the fittings screw in or the fitting is designed to slip into the fitting in the ground. This is true the majority of the time although, there a few exceptions. One exception would be an older park with obscure ground fittings. The other would be the RV sewer hose connection has been modified to something out of the norm. Where is the confusion then?


The confusion lies at the RV Parts Store. This is no fault of the store nor of the sewer hose manufacturers. It is because the store is stocking more than one brand and style of sewer hose. The key is to focus on one brand and determine the different types of sewer hoses that are offered. For example, Valterra is a brand that makes sewer hoses and they have several models of sewer hoses to choose from. They have Viper, Silverback, Dominator and Ez Coupler. All of these are sewer hose kits that essentially do the same thing.

What’s the Difference

The main difference is the thickness of the hose and if the hose has protective rings to help keep the hose from becoming damaged if it is drug on rough surfaces. Typically, you aren’t going to mix and match sewer hoses, that would defeat the point of buying a quality hose. If you choose Valterra as the brand, then you would want to choose one of their models. Valterra is my brand of choice!

RV Stores:

Each store will probably stock more of the brand they prefer and that might make your decision easier. Buy what they recommend if it makes sense. The major Brands are Valterra, Camco, Thetford, Prest O Fit and Duraflex. Prest O Fit was probably the first to provide sewer hose kits that made sense. All of them make good products and in some cases are very similar in quality. It can be a lot easier to make the purchase in an RV Store because you can touch and feel the hoses and get some expert advice. Also, if you need a special fitting to get your connections completed it might be easier to find it in an RV Store.

Episode 46 goes into greater detail on each brand and how to make a better decision when purchasing a sewer hose kit. Listen to the Entire Episode Now!

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