The Best Water Filtration for RV’s

The Best RV Water Filtration System

In Episode 54 I have Keith Bernard on the show and we discuss water filters for RV’s. Keith is an expert in this field and is the owner of Clear 2O water filtration systems. I have always been a firm believer in filtered water and I have often brought bottled water with me on trips in my RV, not any more. I will do it the easy way and filter my water with Clear 2O water filters. I have not come across such a useful product that does what I really want it to do, filter my water so I can drink it.

The following are the questions that we covered in the interview. 1.     Why is clean water so important in your RV?

2.     What are the different types of filtration available for the RV (in-line filters, countertop, water pitchers, etc.)? What are the pros and cons of each?

3.     How does the RVer ultimately decide what solution is best for them? Is it based on how often they use their RV, what they’re using the water for, or some other parameters?

4.     Your filtration systems use solid-block carbon. Why is that a more effective medium than granulated carbon?

5.     It’s just as important to have a filtration system that leaves in the good minerals as it is one that takes out the bad ones, correct?

6.     Would you recommend the same filtration solutions to the occasional RVer as you would the serious, full-time RVer? By the same token, would you recommend different solutions based on the size of the RV?

7.     You’ve just come out with a new Dual Canister System for RVs. Tell us about it and what benefits it brings to the serious RVer. 

8.     You’re competing in the marketplace with some pretty big players. How have you been successful against this kind of competition?

9.     A little off the topic of RVs, but with the crisis a few years back in Flint, Mi and the recent one in Newark, NJ, it seems that many of our water supplies are not as safe as we thought. In fact, studies have shown that some supplies can make you sick, even if they meet legal health standards. How bad is our nation’s water?

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