↓Episode 45 – The What and How to Maintain Your Black Water Tank

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RV Black Water Holding Tank Maintenance

↓ When it comes to maintaining your RV Black Water Holding Tank there are many opinions out there. In Episode 45 I give a little history lesson on Holding Tank Chemicals and the how they have evolved and made their way onto the shelves of an RV Store near you. More importantly though, is which Holding Tank Chemical (Product) should you choose and what you should expect.

One point I need to clarify before I start to ramble on. I go back and forth using the words Chemical and Product because in today’s world not everything that we put in our Holding Tanks can be called a chemical. Many products are not chemical based products! They can be considered safe for the environment. Some products are more safe than others and that is part of the debate when it comes time to empty the Black Water Tank.

When Choosing a Holding Tank Product there are 4 objectives that you should try to accomplish. All 4 objectives should be considered equally as important when that wonderful time comes to empty it!

1) The Toilet Paper Should be broken down.

2) The Solids should be broken down.

3) The Sensors should be clean and working.

4) The tank itself should be clean with little or no residual buildup.

Toilet Paper:

Not all Toilet Papers break down or liquefy while soaking in a bath of human waste or if just soaking in water. All though in the past we sold a Toilet Paper that was so cheap we could sell 6 rolls for a buck! It was also biodegradable and did work fine in RV Holding Tanks. My Dad’s sales pitch was really simple when someone asked if you could use it in a RV? He would reply “It works so good it melts in your hands”. I just said “what do you expect for a buck”. During the winter season we would sell 500 rolls a day, it was quite the lead to get people in the store. Back to reality now!

Even though RV Toilet is a little spendy it is the paper that you really want use in your tank, it does break down easier than residential Toilet Paper. When you couple RV Toilet Paper with a holding tank product designed to break down waste you can’t go wrong.


The solids can either be preserved or broken down depending on the Chemical/Product that you use. Thetford AquaKem Blue is Formaldehyde based product and works great to mask odors. It is not effective in breaking down the solids or toilet paper in the time needed in an RV Holding Tank. A Bacterial Enzyme product such as Pure Power Blue is the ideal product to use to break down solids and the toilet paper in very short amount of time.

I need to confess that I used to be the President of OP Products, the manufacturer of Pure Power Green and Blue. With that said I very familiar with and tested most of the products on the market and I am pro Pure Power because it really works. My brothers and I launched Pure Power at a time when it was almost impossible to get a new Holding Tank Product into a store let alone into the distribution channels. We broke through not because of our spectacular sales pitches, it was the quality of Pure Power and it worked as we said and at that time there was no other product like it. If you find a similar product and it works, by all means continue to use it. I am just using Pure Power as an example of a product that I know first hand that it works.


The Sensors for the Holding Tank Gauges can be a real pain when they aren’t working properly. Quite often they are not accurate due to Waste and or Toilet Paper hung up on the them. When you use a product designed to break down the waste and liquefy toilet paper it will naturally clean the sensors. If you use such a product you should have well functioning sensors most of the time.

I want to emphasize “most of the time”, these are not sensors that are used on the space shuttle. These are made by the RV Industry and bless their hearts for trying to get it right. Pure Power is the product that I recommend for on going Sensor Maintenance. If you experience serious problems you can try Sensor Power as tried and proven solution. It has special cleaning agents that give the sensors a Deep Cleaning.

The Tank:

The tank should be free from side wall build up after it is emptied and flushed. This will help reduce any future odors from happening due to a dirty tank. It is obviously hard to peek inside your holding tank see what is going on and that is where a reliable Holding Tank Product will come in. If you continue to have odors and sensor problems you might need to change flavors.

If you accomplish these four steps in maintaining your RV Holding Tank you will be as they say “A Happy Camper”! For more details and holding tank tips listen to the full episode.

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