↓Episode 69 – RV Hydraulic Jacks – Get Rid of the Popping Noise

Fork Oil Stops the Pop

In episode 69 Eric gives a definitive answer on fixing the popping noise that can happen with hydraulic leveling systems. Eric goes through each step from making sure all hydraulics are retracted, to finding your hydraulics reservoir and replacing some of the fluids with fork oil, to precautionary measures and making sure the fluids are cycled properly. You’ll also hear a covid-19 update and to help illustrate how it has affected the RV industry Eric discusses the availability of twist on valve’s and how to make your own since they are scarce. With everything happening, it’s a vital skill to make sure you know how to fix your RV.

How to Make Your Own RV Twist On Valve!

How to Instructions from Lippert Components.


If there is a popping noise in a Lippert Leveling system, Lippert has approved adding a quart of anti-stiction

fluid. Approved fluids are listed by brand name and fluid characteristics below:

1. Torco RFF Grade 15 (Fig. 1)

2. Maxima Fork Oil Grade 15 (Fig. 2)

3. Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil Additive 1U-9891 (Fig. 3)

For maximum results in the shortest amount of time, please follow the preparation and procedure exactly

as written below. Failure to follow the preparation and procedure may result in delayed resolution of the

audible disturbance.


1. Obtain a clean container (large enough to hold a quart of fluid)

2. Obtain a fluid extraction device (siphon, turkey baster, etc.)

3. Fully retract all hydraulic cylinders and jacks.


1. Using the fluid extraction device, remove one quart of fluid from the power unit reservoir.

2. Add 1/2 quart of the specified fluid.

3. Extend all hydraulic cylinders and jacks fully.

4. Add the remaining amount of the specified fluid.

5. Fully retract all hydraulic cylinders and jacks.

6. Run the Auto-Level feature on the Level-Up system per the instructions found in the Owner’s Manual.

NOTE: If the noise persists, the addition of a second quart may be necessary. Follow steps 1 through 6

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