↓Episode 3 – Trailer Tire Safety

TrailerTiresIn this episode I discuss Trailer Tire Safety and how Trailer Tires are unique and require more attention than most other tires on the road. This is what most Rv’ers Don’t Know and Need to Know. Trailer Tires basically face the same issues or have the same problems regardless of what kind of trailer you have. They require specific maintenance steps and they are made for trailers and nothing else. Trailer tires also have an expiration date, in other words, those tires have that great looking tread because you don’t use the trailer that often does not mean those tires are safe. Beware!

   Let me explain. Trailer tires have a life span of about 5 years and and for the average RV’er that is about 10,000 miles or 2,000 a year and that is not a lot of miles. The tires can breakdown on the outside from excessive wear and that is what we expect and understand. The other side of the coin is trailer tires also breakdown on the inside whether being used or not although, they do last longer if you use your trailer more often. Trailer tires are made to move and not sit, they get internally lubricated by rolling down the highway. Movement keeps them alive, just like a human.
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