↓Episode 10 – How to Properly Inquire into RV Appliance Parts

HelpSeriously, You Need To Listen to This! Buying an appliance part should not be painful although quite often it is. Taking the right approach and going to the Parts Counter with the right information will simplify this sometimes painful process. Bring your Appliance Model Number to the RV Store and the parts guy should be able help you with ease.

It happens everyday, someone needs a part and they do not have the Model Number. It is very difficult to figure out what the part number is unless us or any parts guy has the model number. For example: Dometic has hundreds off refrigerator models and a very small amount of parts are interchangeable. In other words one door handle might only fit 2 or 3 models out of hundreds. Or a furnace blower motor for example: Suburban has hundreds of different models of furnaces and almost as many different blower motors.
Even bringing you motor to the store can be a challenge for the parts guy. He will try to physically match it up to the ones he has in stock and that can be tedious and quite often non-productive. He might not have all of the motors in stock and if he has to order it he will need the model number. get the picture?

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