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↓Episode 9 – Portable Battery Jump Starter about the Size of a Cell Phone

Ultra-Slim_Complete-Pak-1024x863The Portable Power Pack is a great tool to have to charge Cell Phones, Tablets, iPads, iPods, iPhones and any other device that requires charging. The best thing is, these Power Packs can jump start a Full Size PU Truck! I was very skeptical when these were first shown to me, I had to see real results and I did. The salesman jump started his suburban with the battery disconnected, he did it about 8 times. It is the real deal! They come in 2 sizes and are very compact and extremely portable.

The other nice thing bout these Portable Power Packs is that they can easily be carried in a back pack, tool box, stored on an ATV for emergency purposes. Every ATV’er should be prepared for emergency situations that come out of nowhere. batteries go dead, light get left on and in the desert a dead battery can be a dangerous situation. The Portable Power Packs also have adapters to charge cell phones, tablets and more.

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