↓Episode 43 – Adco and Classic RV Storage Covers

718BQijKpML._SL1500_In Episode 43 I break down purchasing either an Adco or Classic RV Cover for storing your RV, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel in challenging climates. I am only going to spend time talking about Adco and Classic RV covers because they are mainly in the RV Cover business and have great reputations. I have sold other covers and at the end of the day I always default back to Adco and Classic.

After being in Arizona for many years I came to the conclusion an RV Cover whether it is for a travel trailer or motorhome will quite often only last for one summer due to the constant heavy winds. The wind, not the sun, tears them apart before the summer is over. Even if all of the edges and corners of the RV were protected the covers just did not last. I finally stopped selling them. That is, I gave a strong warning about how long they would last and for the most part talked the RV owner out of buying a cover that would probably only last one summer.

If you are thinking that there are other brands of RV Covers you are right and I do explain that point and add an explanation why I am focusing on just Adco and Classic RV Covers. Besides being in the cover business they are the 2 brands that have been sold predominantly in most RV parts and accessory stores for decades. They are very well known! I have sold other brands and stopped selling them because of the tremendous amount of problems our customers experienced and the headaches that came along with so called “Problem Free Warranties”.

I talked with Adco and they were very helpful in answering questions about their products. Adco recommends the All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek as the go to cover. They recommended it for all climates excluding windy areas. For windy ares, specifically Arizona they recommended a custom cover made of Sunbrella fabric. They are custom made for your RV and can get a little pricey compared to their other covers. I did not spend much time talking about the custom covers. Adco offers a 2 year warranty on the All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek covers. The two year warranty is a decent warranty as long the cover does not tear in that time. The two year warranty offers a one time cover replacement and free patch kits to repair any tears provided that they are repairable by the RV owner.

Adco & Classic both emphasized the importance of measuring correctly and buying the right cover at the outset. To measure properly you should include ladders, bumpers, spare tire covers, etc… Do not go by the size the dealer told you when you bought the RV, get some exercise and do the measuring yourself. Your size options will be broke down to size ranges. Your RV will fall into a size range that could have some extra length to or fit a little snug. The covers are adjustable to take up some of the extra material if it is a little large.

ClassicCoverClassic RV Covers are very proud of their PermaPRO Deluxe RV Covers and it sounds like they should be. They too clam that it is ideal for all climates other than windy ares such as Arizona. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and they deal directly with you about any warranty issues that may occur. They will replace the cover if needed and they also offer patch kits for minor tears. Classic boasts about their warranty and the customer service experience as being the best and I would say that they are excited about their product and warranty. Classic also offers the new SkyShield Plus RV cover with a Tyvek roof section similiar to Adco’s All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek except the 4 year warranty period is twice as longer with the Classic SkyShield Plus. Classic speaks very highly off the rip stop material used in their covers and reassures that small tears stay small if taken care of in a timely manner.

I personally will stick with these 2 brands because they both have very similar strengths and weaknesses. I believe they both will perform as stated by the Adco and Classic and if the RV is prepped properly before putting the cover on for storage they should hold for years to come. Just keep in mind that the Wind and improper measurements and usage will shorten the life of any RV Cover. Make this purchase count!

Please listen to the full Episode for more useful information.

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