↓Episode 42 – How to Choose an RV Power Converter

PDLogoIn Episode 42 I discuss the 4 Major Brands of RV Power Converters that are commonly found in most RV’s providing power to the RV’s 12 volt system. This an interesting topic due to the similariteis of each power converter. Also, all 4 brands boast great products, excellent customer service and a very small defective/return rate. I have neglected to mention the

4 brands by name; Progressive Dynamics (PD), WFCO (woofco), Iota and Parallax. They are not named in order other than this is how I listed them for this article. I certainly gained an equal amount of respect for each brand and walked away knowing each one has a place in the RV Industry.

I am asked questions almost daily about RV Power Converters and which one should be used to replace one that has bitten the dust. I have to say I almost always recommend a Progressive Dynamics converter because I keep them in stock at all times. That might sound like that is my “go to converter” because of quality! That is not necessarily the case, I love their Retail Packaging! I do see more Progressive Dynamics Converters than any other brand for what that is worth. There could be a few reasons that make that happen.

I spoke to technicians at each company and asked questions about the life of the product and what makes theirs the best. By the way, each company thinks there converter is the best. Another interesting and well appreciated point is that there was no bashing of the competition and that in itself speaks volumes about the employees and their perspective companies. In the episode I get into greater detail about each brand such as, Iota’s are repairable in some cases. Although that is not always the case it is a possibility. It might not be worth the expense and the time spent without a power converter.

WFCO is very proud to boast that they have a strong presence on the assembly line floor at many factories where RV’s are made. This is worthy of mention because they are there to make sure their converters are installed properly and with the proper amp rating to take care of the job. They truly believe in making the customers experience the best it can be. That makes itself evident with the technical and diagnostic information available on their website.

Parallax has been around along time and they certainly have built some really good products over the years and their RV Power Centers/Converters certainly have stood the test of time. Power Centers are visible in the RV and contain the circuit breakers and fuse panel above what is called the “Lower Section” of the power center. The lower section is the converter and Parallax has built a quality product and it has been a preferred power center by the RV Manufacturers.

All in all I have to say that each brand has put their unique spin on options and cleverly giving the options a unique name to drawing the RV’er into purchasing their Power Converter. Do they all do the same thing? For the most part yes! They just do it a little different. Below you will find links that will give you descriptions of each product so you can compare the differences. In most situations if you need to replace your converter you could replace it with same model and not have to worry about a thing. They are all good!

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Here is the Short List of the more popular Models:

Progressive Dynamics:

PD9100 Series: 30 Amp, 40 Amp, 45 Amp, 60 Amp, 78 Amp & 80 Amp

PD9200 Series: 45 Amp, 60 Amp, 70 Amp & 80 Amp

Iota Power Converters:

DLS Series: 15 Amp, 30 Amp, 45 Amp, 75 Amp & 90 Amp

DLS-X Series: 15 Amp, 30 Amp, 45 Amp, 75 Amp & 90 Amp

WFCO Power Converters:

WF- 9800 Series: 35 Amp, 45 Amp, 55 Amp, 65 Amp, 75 Amp

Parallax Power Converters:

5300 Series: 55 Amp, 65 Amp & 75 Amp

7100 Series: 55 Amp

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WFCOLogo iotalogoParLogo

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