↓Episode 34 – Solera RV Awnings by Lippert Components

Solera AwningsEpisode 34 is about Solera RV Awnings by Lippert Components and the quality that has made Solera my new favorite RV Awning. In the past I expressed a low opinion of Lippert Components and now I changed my view point as time has passed. Not only have they become a better company, they are providing a great line of RV Awnings. The Solera brand has proven to be a Rock Star for my customers and our new go to awning. I go into the 3 Solera products that we have sold the most of this winter season in Arizona. The 18 Volt Universal Awning Arm Sets and the Universal Fabrics are two awesome products but, I have to say the Sliders or more commonly known as Slide Out Awnings are the best Slide Out Awnings we have ever installed. They are very similar to the Old Style A&E Slide Toppers except, they have been improved upon not only in style and appearance but also the performance is like none other. Listen Now to the Entire Episode!

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