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↓Episode 33 – The Ford V10 Spark Plug Project

Ford V10 Ford V10 Engine Rebuild Due to Spark Plugs Blowing Out!

In this episode I explain the Spark Plug problem that Ford V10 Engines experience and how a spark plug problem turned into an engine rebuild on a Ford E350 Super Duty Van. I explain the overall process I went through and why I did it. I could have possibly just spent 800 bucks and maybe got by with a Time Sert/Helicloi type of fix but, I chose to go deeper because of the mileage (235,000) and at the bare minimum have the heads rebuilt and all of the spark plug holes repaired. The engine was going to have to come out no matter which way I decided to proceed and it was not nearly as difficult as the internet will make you believe. Some shops automatically remove the entire body to get to the engine. This makes no sense!
After removing the engine I decided to scrap getting the heads rebuilt after calling around Yuma and not really getting the answers I wanted to be comfortable with any of the shops rebuilding the heads. I then decided I would buy and engine online and soon realized that might not be the best plan if I wanted to keep the van and get another 200,000 miles out of it. The online reviews were not very good for any of the engine builders and the process was somewhat of a chore and they did not replace all of the parts that should be replaced. My engine was not blown nor neglected and I decided I would prefer to get my own engine back and not some beat up engine that blew up due to neglect.
That is when I starting calling around Phoenix and eventually chose to go with RnR Engines and was very glad I did. The podcast describes all of the above in more detail and how much I appreciated the work RnR Engines did and they will always be my go to guys for any major engine work I need done. Keep in mind that I live 2 hours away form them, that should say something about them.
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The following are pictures of the project in the order as the project progressed.


2017-07-08 15.08.102017-07-10 15.34.202017-07-10 15.34.27









2017-07-10 15.57.122017-07-10 18.37.22IMG_1907






2017-10-19 15.23.522017-10-19 20.23.332017-10-19 15.24.022017-10-20 13.05.512017-10-20 20.45.122017-10-21 07.53.312017-10-21 18.18.24






2017-10-19 20.23.51



2017-10-19 15.00.48


2017-10-19 19.35.06




2017-10-19 13.54.59





2017-10-21 19.33.322017-10-21 17.57.47

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