↓Episode 31 – Maintenance for Atwood & Suburban Water Heaters

AtwoodWHEpsisode 31 breaks down the basic Annual or as needed maintenance for RV Water Heaters. Atwood and Suburban need to have the Tanks Flushed, Anode Rods replaced and the Pressure Relief Valves replaced as needed. I delve into each area for Atwood and Suburban Water Heaters on what to check, how often and the tools needed along with parts. I also have created 3 Landing Pages on our E Commerce Site www.ArizonaRVPartsCenter.com. These pages bring out in detail the needed maintenance for both brands of water heaters. I explain just the simple maintenance side of the water heaters, not in depth repairs for a malfunction. I will get into the deeper repairs in a future episode. Another point about the landing pages on Arizona RV Parts Center is that I will continue to build these for all podcasts where it will bring some DIY value to enable to do repairs. The pages will create a go to website for RV Maintenance all in one place. The maintenance is not to difficult to do with some education and the right tools. The Water Heater Maintenance should be a DIY project for all RV’ers at any skill level, it is easier to do this than it is to take the RV to a Service Center. Listen Now!P_TValve

Use this these Links for Your Water Heater:

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