↓Episode 28- Answering Questions about Purchasing Slide Out Awnings

STFSTD-2TIn this Episode Eric Stark explains in simple terms the steps you should take to get an accurate price quote and what brand Eric prefers. Eric also explains why there could large gaps in price quotes if you are price shopping. Some points might seem to be elementary but I base my information on and how questions related to Slide Out Awnings are asked. I also find if the question is not asked right or properly understood the results will be less than satisfactory.

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I have been a hands on DIY'er since childhood, yeah since childhood with the idea that the job has to get done. My job (not a career) history is not the typical job history. I have run successful multi-million dollar companies, I have started RV related businesses from ground up. Over the years I have acquired many skills, some self taught and taught by others in a hands on environment. Today everything I have learned over the decades has come together and now I love to help others and keep myself involved in my favorite industry, Recreational Vehicles! This is not even close to being finished......