↓Episode 22 – Propane Fittings Part 1

marshall-excel-changeover-regThis is Part 1 of the LP Fitting episodes. The point of this episode is to help RV’ers to keep safety at the forefront when repairing their LP system. The proper tools should always be used along with properly checking for leaks after any repair that is done. The simple way is to use the liquid leak detector that bubbles up. You can buy it ready made or make your own with dish soap and water.

It is also important to buy quality LP Hoses and Regulators! I recommend that you only buy LP Hoses and Regulators that are made by companies that specialize in LP Hoses and Accessories. There is some Junk on the market and I would recommend that you avoid any LP Hoses and Regulators that are made by companies that make dish drainers, toilet chemicals and other non-LP related products. Safety First!

This episode brings attention to replacing an Auto Change Over Regulator that is mostly found on Trailers with 2 LP Tanks. It also delves into some basics when replacing a regulator and some things that should be done at the same time such as, replacing the Propane Hoses. It adds to the cost but, it just makes the job complete. I explain in some detail about LP fittings that are found on RV and how to seal them properly.
Listen Now to Hear the Details! Check Out Episode 23 for More Information on Fittings and Adapters.

This link will will open a Catalog with all of the common Propane Fittings, Adapters and LP Hoses for Recreational Vehicles and Travel Trailers. LP Fitting and Adapter Catalog

Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for LP Fittings and Accessories.

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