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↓Episode 21 – Riding Your Bike in an RV Park

Senior couple on country bike rideRV’ers everywhere stay in well kept, safe and secure RV Parks. Rv’ers everywhere bring their bicycles with them and should take advantage of the security found in most RV Parks. To ride a bike on a busy street takes the fun right out of it and it creates a situation that is not safe nor inviting. In my area the roads are very rough along the shoulder and there are tractors, buses and large pieces of equipment continuously using the roads and it is a hazard for the most cautious bicyclist. Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and we all need that. Exercise is an important part of life as we get older. RV Parks can become the safe place to ride without any anxieties of riding on local streets and highways. In an RV Park the roads are usually flat and maintained to give you a safe and comfortable place to get that much needed exercise.

Don’t over think this, just buy a bike that you can afford and is in good condition if it is used. You may need a bike with gears or maybe no gears will work for you, the point is to get a bike if don’t already have one and start exercising. Start out with some simple rides to get familiar with the bike and RV Park and build on that. Make it a daily routine and before you know it you will feel better and have more energy.
This a great way to exercise and it can be a lot of fun with some imagination. You could get others to join and create groups to ride with and when others are involved they can motivate you and you them. You could make competitive and fun at the same time by having some races with simple awards.

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