↓Episode 19 – New Window Awning Replacement Fabrics at Low, Affordable Prices

BlueAwningSmallIntroducing High Quality Window Awning Fabrics at Low, Affordable Prices. These are available from Sunpro Mfg and come in 7 Solid Colors with a 3 Year Warranty. The high quality 13oz material is will last for many years to come. Sunpro Mfg makes them to fit all Carefree of Colorado and A&E Window Awnings. Low Prices & Free Shipping!
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Sunpro Mfg RV Window Awning Replacement Fabrics are made of our Time Tested Sun Tuff 13oz vinyl fabric. This is the same vinyl that we use for our 13oz Slide Out Fabrics that have been in service for many years. The Sunpro Awning Fabrics are available in 7 solid colors and are made to fit your existing Window Awning Hardware.

Why Do You Only Offer the 13oz.?
Out of all of the awnings on an RV, the Window Awnings have the least amount of exposure to the sun. They are almost always several feet below the roof line getting less exposure from the sun. Quite often RV’s are parked with only one side exposed to the sun for a portion of the day. There is less fabric than a patio awning and does not suffer the stresses when it is windy and they usually do not keep moisture like other awnings when rolled up. The point is, why spend extra money when you will probably not even own your RV when these need replacing. Save your money for something else.

One Price: We offer one price for Standard and Tall Heights unlike the other guys who charge you more for the Tall Fabric. We can accommodate any height or Bead to Bead measurement up to 54″.

How to Measure:
Measure the length of the “Fabric”, not the roller tube.
With the Window Awning fully extended measure from Bead to Bead. This is the bead that is sewn into the fabric with one bead in the roller tube and the other Bead on the side of the RV.

• 13oz Sun Tuff Fabric
• 7 Solid Colors to Choose From
• 1 Price for Any Height Up To 54″
• Fit Almost All Brands of Window Awnings
• 3 Year Warranty
• Beige, Black, Dark Brown, Forest Green, Gray, Pacific Blue, White

Free Fabric Samples Are Available Upon Request!

Click Here to Purchase from Sunpro Mfg!

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