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↓Episode 18 – Treating a Rubber Roof – Part 3 of the Rubber Roof Series

TRoofGard_Gallonhis episode is the last of a 3 part series about Repairing, Cleaning and Treating an RV Rubber Roof. Treating the Rubber Roof is the final step of the 3 main steps to Maintaining and Extending the life of the RV Rubber Roof. Treating the Rubber Roof comes in at the end of the cleaning and repair stages. Before you treat the Rubber Roof you will want to recheck the roof for any minor repairs that you might have missed after cleaning. It is important to do these repairs before you treat the roof because the Dicor Lap Sealant or any similar brand of rubber roof sealant will not adhere if the treatment is applied first. We highly recommend Dior Lap Sealant because Dicor manufactures rubber roofs and they know what works.

After all of your repairs are done you can take the Dicor Roof Gard or a similar product and go up on the roof and either use a spray bottle or sponge mop and start applying in small areas and work in a pattern and treat the roof in a manner similar to applying Armor All (We do not recommend Armor All for anything!) and you are done. Dicor recommends to treat the roof every 3-5 weeks which could be necessary in certain areas of the country of if you have certain environmental issues that could require more maintenance. If not, you can probably treat the Rubber Roof 2-3 times per year. You should always treat the roof when you wash it. Check Out Dicors website for more information.

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