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↓Episode 16 – How to Maintain a Rubber Roof – Part 1 of the Rubber Roof Series

rubberroof-viewThis is Part 1 of a Multi-Part series about Rubber Roof Maintenance and Care.This episode is about Rubber Roof inspections and finding problems before they become disasters. Rubber roofs are  a great roof for any kind of RV and there are many reasons why. They do not create Black Streaks, they do not create Mold, the Rubber itself does not leak unless it is torn or a leak develops from a roof accessory that is mounted to it such as, a roof rack stanchion, sky light or something else that requires drilling. Leaks are an Enemy to an RV.

It is very important to check for leaks and fix the leak as soon as possible. Leaks create mold growth and water damage, even a small leak that is not fixed in a timely manner can create hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars of damage. The ongoing water leak destroys paneling, flooring, cabinets, ceiling panels, insulation and just about anything else it comes in contact with. Check inside cabinets and inspect the roof for leaks, look for stains or damaged ceiling panels. Keep in mind the roof is on the top of the RV and it protects everything under it.
Check the roof for damaged vents or cracked and missing sealants. Visually inspect the entire roof for any damaged roof accessories or tears in the roof itself. Check that the ladder and roof rack are still tight and the screws aren’t coming out to make the way for water to leak in. It is usually best to do any big repairs before cleaning the roof. After a big repair you will want to clean the roof thoroughly to look for smaller less obvious problems and then repair as needed.
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Check Out Rudy’s Maintenance Guide from Dicor.

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