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↓Episode 14 – When to Change & Why to Maintain LP & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

LP_CO_COMBO_BLKSafety First! Have you ever wondered why your LP or CO Detector just starts beeping for no apparent reason? It has died! They have a expiration date and as a safety precaution it lets you know when it is dying and that it is time to replace it. To many people hear a beeping CO or LP detector and consider it as an annoyance and they just take the batteries out or disconnect it all together! That is not a good move, they are installed for your safety. Since 1996 New RV’s were required by law to have an LP leak detector installed and in 2005 all New RV’s were required by law to have a CO and LP leak detector installed.

If you purchase a new RV it will have both detectors already installed. If you purchase a used RV depending on the year it may have one or the other installed. If it is older than 2005 but not older than 1996 you will want to
install a CO leak detector or replace the LP leak detector with a combination LP/CO leak detector. In any scenario you will want to have both leak detectors.

It is important to have both the LP and CO leak detectors, they do save lives. A leak can come out of no where or a faulty furnace can create CO and it could cost a family or friend their life. There are many potential sources for CO poisoning and lives are lost each year due to Faulty CO detectors or negligence on the part of the owner. The same is true about fires that start from a leaking stove, furnace, oven, BBQ; LP fires spread quickly in an RV and an RV burns fairly rapidly making an escape sometimes difficult. Check the date code on your detector and see if it close the 5 year life that it has. Don’t mess around with this Important Safety Feature!
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