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↓Episode 13 – Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis or Water Filters, which is best for you?

WaterfIlterCheck Episodes 11 & 12 First – It will make better sense.
The decision is yours! A RV Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis system, Water Softener? Do you need any of the aforementioned? Maybe just a Water Filter is all you need? In this episode I will explore the options of the 3 water systems that are widely used in RV’s to produce better water quality. Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners and Water Filters are pretty simple systems within themselves and I will explore which might be best for you. At the bare minimum you will probably want a Dual Filter water filter system. A basic water filter system will at least make your water safe from the various bacteria’s and other microscopic living creatures found in most water supplies.

When choosing the water system that will work for you there are several factors to consider. Do you the have the space for it, is it in your budget and what is your ultimate goal. The Reverse Osmosis System needs to be installed under the kitchen sink or in a compartment with a dedicated faucet installed at the kitchen sink. The RO System will produce clean water for drinking and cooking, it might be the best solution.
A Water Softener has its advantages because it services the entire RV and not just one faucet. It will keep the entire plumbing system free from minerals that cause damage and eliminate hard water and the problems it creates. Your showers will feel better and if you have a washing machine your clothes will be cleaner. You will actually have pretty descent drinking water and most Water Softeners are compact and easy to store.
A Dual Cartridge Water Filter is the basic system and for a lot of RV’ers this is the easiest to use, store and maintain. And it will serve the basic function of keeping your water clean.
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