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↓Episode 2 – Trailer Wheel Bearings and Brakes

In this episode I discuss the importance of maintaining the Wheel Bearings and Brakes on Travel & 5th Wheel Trailers. It is extremely important to give attention to these 2 systems, failure can mean a break down on the highway leaving yourself and family exposed to dangers. In this episode it is gear towards trailer brakes on utility and recreational trailers and not so much for boat trailers. Boat trailer brakes and bearings get submerged and there are some differences in maintaining it. Trailer brakes will last 50 to 70 thousand miles and that is lot of miles for the average trailer.

The brake magnet will probably fail first because they ware out or short out internally and stop functioning and in turn the brakes on that wheel will not function. Brake magnets are expensive in comparison to a complete backing plate with hardware, brake shoes and a new magnet. If your shoes or magnets need replacing I would highly recommend to just replace the entire backing plate with all new hardware, 4 bolts connect 2 wires and adjust the shoes and you are done.
Wheel bearings are a common system to be ignored when it comes to maintenance. From my experience RV’ers have a tendency to ignore getting their wheel bearings repacked on regular intervals. When a wheel bearing burns up it can obviously ruin the bearing, bearing race and possible the spindle, hub or drum costing a lot more money than having the bearings repacked and grease seals replaced. It is also very unpleasant to be broken down on the side of the road. It can be a dangerous spot to be in. It is very wise to carry spare wheel bearings and even a hub or drum might not break the bank and it is cheap insurance.
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