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↓Episode 1 – What this Podcast is About

QuestionMArkThis Podcast is an introduction to Radio Arizona RV and who we are and in what ways we are involved in the RV Industry. My name Eric Stark and I am the owner of Arizona RV Parts Center located Wellton, AZ just east of Yuma. Radio Arizona RV is my creation and the goal is to help RV’ers maintain their RV and get a better understanding of the different systems that are already on your RV or something you might want to add on. Each episode is going to be as short as possible with out a lot of needless conversation. I don’t get extremely technical, at least yet. I want to give you a direction to get started in.

There is lot of subjects that can be covered but, they do not need a lot technical details to get an understanding to determine if you need to do it or if want to do it. I am a parts guy and I explain a lot stuff to a lot of people and I know what it takes to give the information they need and what they don’t need. I have an episode about wheel bearing maintenance and I cover the importance of checking and maintaining the wheel bearings and the consequences if you don’t. If you listen to the episode it will motivate to get your bearings checked by a professional or do it yourself if you have the expertise. At this point in time I don’t have step by step instructions, some things you do come with instructions and other things require a professional.
Just Take a Few Minutes and Hear it For Yourself

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About the author, Eric

I have been a hands on DIY'er since childhood, yeah since childhood with the idea that the job has to get done. My job (not a career) history is not the typical job history. I have run successful multi-million dollar companies, I have started RV related businesses from ground up. Over the years I have acquired many skills, some self taught and taught by others in a hands on environment. Today everything I have learned over the decades has come together and now I love to help others and keep myself involved in my favorite industry, Recreational Vehicles! This is not even close to being finished......

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