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↓Do You Enjoy Your RV?

RV Decor

Do You Enjoy Your RV? In Episode 59 Eric asks an important and often taken for granted question: Do you enjoy your RV? Listen as he takes a deep dive into ways you can improve your RV experience and make it feel more comfy and like you are at home. Whether it be minor things like…

↓Episode 58 Electrical Problems – DIY or Take to a Service Center

RV Electrical problems

Full Show Transcript: This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. It’s about six o’clock in the morning on a Thursday. It’s snowing this morning. What a better day to talk about electrical systems in RVs. And the real question is whether to take it to a dealership, to a repair facility, or just tackle…

Winegard RV TV Antenna Trouble Shooting – King Satellite Bonus

Winegard TV Antenna Trouble Shooting

Winegard Transcript: Hey everybody. This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. Today’s episode is episode number 56 we’re going to be talking about Winegard TV Antennas and a little bit about King Satellite Dishes, a particular model of King satellite dish, Winegard Antennas are pretty popular. It’s been the RV Antenna staple for decades…

RV Power Awning 12 Volt Motor Problems

RV Power Awnings

RV Maintenance Tips for the DIY! In Episode 56 I explain the importance of understanding how your Power Awning can be retracted in an emergency. The emergency is usually when you want to leave in your RV and the Power Awning won’t come in. That poses a real problem. I break it down by the…

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