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↓Episode 80 – Save Cash with the Mudflap Diesel Fuel App

Mudflap Diesel Fuel App

In episode 80 Eric talks about saving money on buying diesel fuel by using the Mudflap app. Mudflap isn’t just for people who own an RV it’s for anyone who uses diesel fuel. By using the Mudflap app at select gas stations you will be able to save up to 50 cents per gallon on…

↓Episode 78 – Are RV Awning Parts Interchangeable Between Brands?

RV Awning Parts

In episode 78 Eric discusses how interchangeable RV awning parts are. It’s been tough finding the proper parts for your RV due to covid-19 and Eric has been asked a lot recently what if any parts are interchangeable when it comes to RV awnings. You’ll learn what parts are okay to swap and what parts…

↓Episode 76 – How to Winterize Your RV

Winterize Your RV

In episode 76 Eric goes through the process of winterizing your RV. You’ll also hear an update on how covid-19 is affecting the RV industry and what you should do in the current climate. Eric will go over everything in a nearly step by step process of winterizing your RV. With winter quickly approaching taking…

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