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↓Episode 72 – Motorhome Chassis Maintenance

Motorhome Chassis

In episode 72 Eric dives into how to properly maintain your motorhome chassis to help prevent issues down the road. You’ll hear an update on the state of the RV industry during the covid-19 pandemic and what you should do if you need parts. Keeping mileage and date records for your parts is just as…

↓Episode 58 Electrical Problems – DIY or Take to a Service Center

RV Electrical problems

Full Show Transcript: This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. It’s about six o’clock in the morning on a Thursday. It’s snowing this morning. What a better day to talk about electrical systems in RVs. And the real question is whether to take it to a dealership, to a repair facility, or just tackle…

↓Episode 1 – What this Podcast is About

This Podcast is an introduction to Radio Arizona RV and who we are and in what ways we are involved in the RV Industry. My name Eric Stark and I am the owner of Arizona RV Parts Center located Wellton, AZ just east of Yuma. Radio Arizona RV is my creation and the goal is…

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