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↓Episode 72 – Motorhome Chassis Maintenance

Motorhome Chassis

In episode 72 Eric dives into how to properly maintain your motorhome chassis to help prevent issues down the road. You’ll hear an update on the state of the RV industry during the covid-19 pandemic and what you should do if you need parts. Keeping mileage and date records for your parts is just as…

↓Episode 71 – Travel & 5th Wheel Trailer Chassis Maintenance

5th Wheel and Travel Trailer Chassis

In episode 71 Eric talks about trailer chassis maintenance, whether it’s a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or any number of other trailers, all the principles will still apply. You’ll learn how important and helpful keeping mileage and date records will allow you to be on top of problems before they arise. Eric will give…

↓Episode 40 – The Move to Montana and Some Lessons Learned

Episode 40 – I cover some ground on the move to Montana and explain why I bought so many new tires for the move. My Toy Hauler tires just made it to the tire shop 10 miles from my house. The Utility trailer tires didn’t make it out of driveway. There were lot of things…

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