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↓RV 110 Volt Power Cords and Adapters

RV Adapter Cords

In episode 73 Eric discusses RV power cords and 110-volt adapters. Eric gives a follow up to previous topics such as properly greasing and caring for your wheel bearings, and reexamines statements regarding never buying products from certain companies again. You’ll hear a covid-19 update in regards to the RV parts industry and an important…

↓Episode 58 Electrical Problems – DIY or Take to a Service Center

RV Electrical problems

Full Show Transcript: This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. It’s about six o’clock in the morning on a Thursday. It’s snowing this morning. What a better day to talk about electrical systems in RVs. And the real question is whether to take it to a dealership, to a repair facility, or just tackle…

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