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RAZRV3x5StickerRadio Arizona RV was created Eric Stark the owner of Arizona RV Parts, Inc. located in Wellton AZ. We produce Podcast’s with information about Recreational Vehicles and the various systems on an RV. Eric Stark has over 28 years experience helping others improve their knowledge about maintaining their RV’s. We will be regularly producing Podcast’s that will become available on this website as well as iTunes and other Podcast Channels. We hope you enjoy what are we doing.



Eric Stark InfluencerWe have put a lot of time and thought into Radio Arizona RV and we have decided that besides useful information we needed to have a website that will work on multiple platforms and that will grow with the show. Our website has plenty of area for various types of content and of course we will eventually start featuring different products that we feel are of a high quality and value to our listeners.

RadioArizonaRV.com is a responsive website so it will display well on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and PC’s. With ever changing technologies it is important to get the content you want on the device you prefer. We will continue to provide fresh content each week to increase our episodes to cover a wide variety of RV related subjects, not just maintenance and repair. There is a lot involved in the RV lifestyle, it is much more than just pulling into the RV Park and hooking up. If it were only that easy


Even More About us: Radio Arizona RV is becoming the center of our business model. We sell online @ ArizonaRVPartsCenter.com as well as a Brick and Mortar location located in Wellton, AZ. We have hands on experience with RV Parts and Accessories but, it doesn’t stop there. We also manufacture Sunshade products under the SunPro Mfg brand. You can check out the complete product line @ SunPormfg.com and get get a true sense of expertise in the RV Industry. We also build HotBoatRopes, a line of marine cordage for the pleasure boat industry. We are a hands on company with years of experience in many aspects of the RV Industry. On RadioArizonaRV.com we will recommend products quite often that we already sell on Arizona RV Parts Center and we will include a link in each podcast to the product page. We will also do the same with Products we sell on Hot Boat Ropes and SunPro Mfg, the link will go to Arizona RV Parts Center.com. Over the next year or so, will combine all three websites into one localized store for all we do.

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