↓Episode 40 – The Move to Montana and Some Lessons Learned

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Episode 40 – I cover some ground on the move to Montana and explain why I bought so many new tires for the move. My Toy Hauler tires just made it to the tire shop 10 miles from my house. The Utility trailer tires didn’t make it out of driveway. There were lot of things happening during the move  and I wanted make sure I had little or no problems on the highway with any of our trailers and vehicles. My focus was going 1200 miles without a break down. And we did make to Victor without any major issues. That really is not a surprise considering I do maintain my vehicles. I also had to make a 22″ escape hatch lid out of scrap aluminum before we hit the road due to mine (Ventline) no longer being available. I preferred not to replace the entire escape hatch so I wouldn’t ruin the seal on the roof.  It worked just fine without any leaks on the road and in the heavy rains after we arrived.

There are a lot of concerns that might run through your mind while you are traveling and I certainly had mine. Although I thought about many things that could go wrong I already had my mind made up that I would push through whatever came up.

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