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proflexIn this episode I cover the essentials of what type of sealants to use on your RV. I briefly cover what is needed for a Rubber Roof because I have done a previous on sealing a rubber roof and the Sealants I recommend are made by Dicor, they specialize in rubber roofs. I also am a fan of Dicor products for maintaining and repairing rubber roofs.  In this episode I use a window as an example of how to seal just about anything on the side of your RV although, the principle holds true for the roof as well. A window typically uses the same process and sealants that compartment door would use as well as an entrance door. The main thing to do in any application is clean the surfaces thoroughly and use Butyl tape to as the main seal and a sealant such as Proflex to seal the top of the window or whatever it is that you are resealing. I also explain the differences in Butyl  Tape and Putty Tape and why you should use Butyl Tape in almost all reseal jobs. There are four main brands of sealants that are widely used across the RV Industry by consumers and manufacturers alike. It brand has it’s different products for the variety of applications that might be found on an RV.  You can also check with the RV manufacturer for their recommendations. The 4 brands that I recommend are listed below and there is also a link to Arizona RV Parts Center for more information and part numbers.

• Hengs formerly know as Elixer
• GeoCell
• Dyco – Not Dicor
• Sika also known as Sika Flex

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