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↓Episode 32 – Plugable Technologies for the RV

Episode 32 explores the possibilities of using new technology to make computing in an RV easier while expanding potential possibilities. See the simple way to add a second monitor to any PC or Mac. The living space in an RV can become a little tight at times and being able to use a Compact Wireless…

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↓Episode 31 – Maintenance for Atwood & Suburban Water Heaters

Epsisode 31 breaks down the basic Annual or as needed maintenance for RV Water Heaters. Atwood and Suburban need to have the Tanks Flushed, Anode Rods replaced and the Pressure Relief Valves replaced as needed. I delve into each area for Atwood and Suburban Water Heaters on what to check, how often and the tools needed…

Podcast Websites

If you want to start a Podcast for Business or to show case your hobby you absolutely have to check out Podcast Websites!  Use the Discount Code HOSTME to save 10 bucks per month! Avoid the pitfalls that make building a simple to use website, so difficult!  Click Here!

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Trailer Tire Safety

What You Need to Know About Protecting the Safety of Your Tires Many people don’t realize that the safety of RV or Trailer tires cannot always be determined by the depth of tread that is left. It’s rare that a trailer tire wears out, tread-wise. Lack of cornering loads and low annual mileage mean trailer…

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